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Extradition Proceedings 

Extradition is the official process by which one nation or state requests and obtains from ...



Procedura de extradare

Cererile de extradare sosite datorita intentarii unui proces Autor: Avocat Doctor in Drept ...



Postepowanie ekstradycyjne (tymczasowe wydanie) jest postepowaniem ...

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Процедура выдачи (экстрадиция) — это формальное делопроизводство, согласно ...  




    Extradition Proceedings
Please do not hesitate to send us an Email whenever questions in connection with extradition arise ! E-Mail: duesseldorf@ra-anwalt.de

Extradition is the official process by which one nation or state requests and obtains from another nation or state the surrender of a suspected or convicted person.

We have been defending clients in extradition proceedings for the past twenty years. Many of them were granted leave to remain and with some of our clients we have worked for months, if not years, to resolve their cases.

If the prosecuting authorities initiate extradition proceedings against an individual, they assume that the target has committed a crime and belongs behind bars. Worst case scenario is that the individual suffers a real-time nightmare, starting with an immediate arrest.

We are defence attorneys and we know that it can be the most difficult and stressful of situations for an individual to find themselves in if they are prosecuted and possibly arrested. If you find yourself caught up in extradition proceedings you will need an attorney who is up to speed with the latest legislation and who has the relevant know-how.

We have defended clients against practically every kind of criminal prosecution and against extradition proceedings initiated by numerous countries. This process started twenty years ago, when applications filed by other nations for extradition from Germany were a rarity compared with the number we see today. Since then we have been closely following developments in the legal system. We investigate every detail of each individual case to achieve the level of success we aspire to. We will do everything in our power to get the best possible result for you.

Events do indeed repeat themselves: in 2008 we were once again successful in ensuring the rejection of extradition proceedings filed in Peru (ref. law reports on “Peru” Appellate Court Cologne), in proceedings initiated by UNMIK on behalf of Kosovo our client was granted bail within two weeks. On occasion it’s necessary to travel some distance and not always to the nicest of places, yet negotiations also bring success. Of the numerous extradition applications filed in Poland, the cases we defended in 2008 were often rejected in their early stages by the chief public prosecutor.

If you are worried about extradition proceedings you have two options: ignore your fears and wait to see what happens. Or take steps now and rectify the situation. An attorney who is experienced in handling extradition proceedings can achieve many things, even before a warrant of arrest has been issued or enforced. It’s possible to steer the right course in a timely manner and in full control.

If you contact us, we shall investigate all possible remedies to avoid arrest and extradition.

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